Covid-19 Items

Bundle #1:

Post Workout Recovery Bundle/Energy Bundle: $362.96 bundle discount $326.67

Active Relief Roll- On (apply topically) 49.99, 1000 mg Gold label Liquid (take right when you wake up) 163.99, Green Capsule with Turmeric and white will bark (take before bed) 98.99, B Healthy Chews 49.99


Bundle #2:

Daily Wellness Bundle: 191.97 bundle discount 172.78

2ounce Gold label (AM use) 84.99,  2ounce Green tincture (before bed) 67.99, Salve (all day use) 38.99


Bundle #3:

Pet Wellness: 72.98 bundle discount $65.68

Apawthecary 100 mg 1 oz tincture (put in food) 33.99, Salve pet hot spot Balm (apply topically anywhere and hot spots). $38.99. Some benefits animals receive when using CBD is anti-anxiety (thunders storms etc), anti inflammatory, better sleep, improved coat and moisturized skin.


Bundle #4:

Restful Calming Sleep Well set: 205.99 bundle discount 185.40

Green 2ounce 500mg Liquid $67.99, Salve (rub behind your ears and on temples) $38.99 and Green Capsules (all taken at night at least an hour before bed) $98.99


Bundle #5:

Women's Bundle: menstrual cramps 191.97 bundle discount 172.78

500 mg Gold (in the morning) 84.99, 500 mg Green (at night) 67.99, Salve (topical menstrual cramps relief) 38.99


Bundle #6

Energy and Focus: 233.97 bundle $210.58

2ounce Gold label 84.99, Green Capsules $98.99, B Healthy Chews 49.99