We believe people and their pets deserve relief from pain, anxiety, and the stress that everyday life places upon us. 

Here is what other's are saying about The Apothecary. 

" We have been using the high dose oil and the nasal spray for our autistic son. Over the past week and a half, I've noticed a decrease in aggression and an increase in compliance. No night terrors, helpful when asked to perform a chore. Increase in motor skills; ie doing things for himself. Increase in confidence with dogs cuddling with him more often. Comfortable with giving him more responsibilities. Taking meds himself in front of me saying "I can/want to do it". - Cruz G.

"The Full Spectrum oil has been a total miracle for my husband. He had his PSA blood test redone after 4 weeks on the oil. The doctor called us and said it dropped from 5.71 to 3.0, making a urology visit and biopsies unnecessary! Not only that, but after taking the Green capsules and nasal spray I was finally able to get a good nights rest. yeah! - Jody U.

" I have Lyme disease and have had severe back pain every single day since giving birth to my daughter. I started taking the 500MG Peppermint Tincture and since I started, I have been waking up pain free! It's a miracle. Thank you." -Lindsey M. 

" I have cellulitis and The Active Relief roll helped with the pain and swelling of my legs and feet." -Hanna G.

" OMG!! The Salve was amazing!! I recently twisted my ankle on a walk. The ankle did not swell but it hurt to touch and taking steps was extremely painful. Two days of applying The Apothecary Salve...NO PAIN! Thank you!" - Tricia S. 

 "I mistakenly put the Salve on my lips but it as been the best thing I’ve done!! My lips are so soft and moisturized ALL DAY long! I put it on at night and no joke, I don’t use any kind of lip products during the day and I’m the person who has 20 different lip products in her purse. I can’t rave about this product enough! 😍" -Kelly L. 

"Our dogs have SEVERE ANXIETY attacks during rainstorms and fireworks. I bought the 1,000MG tincture and both my dogs were calm and even went to sleep during the last storm. Thanks! " - Bob S.

“I used the Dead Sea Mud Mask the day of the Oscars. I loved it! Thank you so much it made my skin so smooth.” -  Rachelle Carson